Granite or Marble?

Countertops in Kitchens are generally more exposed to acidic substances such as lemon, vinegar, alcohol, and tomato sauce. Scratching is more prone to damaging the surface with soft materials such as Formica and Corian. Granite is the hardest and densest out of all Natural Stones products. The feldspar content keeps it water resistant and silicates it so it won’t react with acid. These properties help Granite resist staining and retain its fine luster over a longer period of time compared to Ceramic tiles or other materials.

Marble is still a product used for Kitchen Counters for its versatile and decorative presentation. Delivers a symbol of luxury. Its high carbonate content makes it vulnerable to acidic substances. Marble is preferred in Bathrooms and Fireplace Surrounds for its purpose eliminates the chances of encountering damaging substances. When used in a Bathroom, Marble encounters more alkaline products than anything which doesn’t react with marbles surface. After use of water, its recommended to wipe down your Counter due to the product possibly etching with drips lying on the surface over night.

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