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Etching a Marble counter.

Marble is damaged with acidic chemical exposure more than any other single cause. Most harm is from accidental spills. Though, a fine percentage is caused by the use of improper cleaning products. Spills of Orange/ Lemon/ Grapefruit Juice, Wine, Vinegar, Alcohol/ Juice Mixes, Tile/Bathroom/ Tub Cleaners (ext.) are the highest cause of Etching. They will etch marble surfaces…
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[one_third] [/one_third] [two_third] Granite: Granite is formed by magma deep in the earth’s crust Also can be metamorphic in nature Meaning the magmatic rock can be formed into granite by intense pressure Very fine crystals of different colors are featured in the rocks surface Slabs usually consist of many different colors, movement, and character Granite…
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Granite or Marble?

Countertops in Kitchens are generally more exposed to acidic substances such as lemon, vinegar, alcohol, and tomato sauce. Scratching is more prone to damaging the surface with soft materials such as Formica and Corian. Granite is the hardest and densest out of all Natural Stones products. The feldspar content keeps it water resistant and silicates…
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